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Effortlessly control groups of lights throughout your home at the touch of a button


One common implementation of home automation is lighting control. Simply put, lighting control is a way to effortlessly control groups of lights throughout your home at the touch of a button from in-wall scene controllers, smart phones, tablets, and touch screens. Leaving for the day? Press the "Away" scene button and all the lights in your smart home magically turn off. Personalize the lighting ambiance in any area to recall favorite dim settings and easily transform the light that surrounds you.


Like most conscientious companies today, Xtend Technologies is concerned about the environment. Our staff will take the extra steps of designing your home’s technology systems to conserve energy and give you the option of having actionable intelligence regarding your home’s energy consumption.


Lighting control can also enhance security in a variety of ways, including use of timeclocks and remote monitoring whether leaving for just the day or for a long trip or by providing a well-lit path from your car at night. They can even be integrated directly to your security system to visually enhance the system’s functions—and save energy—without affecting the security system’s performance.


No longer do you need to go from room to room to individually turn lights on and off or to set the scene. Whether it’s from a smartphone, tablet, a multi-button scene controller, or handheld universal remote, controlling your lights has never been easier or more convenient. You can turn on, turn off, and dim any or all of the lights throughout your home from wherever you are inside the home or even remotely from afar. Want all the lights in the house shut off at bedtime? A single button pressed from the comfort of your bed can easily make that happen.


A single command as you exit your home and leave for that family trip can not only turn off all lighting in the house, but can even start a vacation scene consisting of a continual series of commands to make it appear as if your still home the whole time you are away enjoying your vacation time.

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