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Home Theater

To achieve the ultimate result in a home theater installation, it involves much more than just the purchasing of high-end components. It is the byproduct of integrated design, planned and implemented by a team of technicians with years of experience.

The staff at Xtend Technologies will not only choose the best components for your needs and budget, but also install and set them up correctly.

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Home Automation

A home automation system is a tremendous way to add convenience to your daily life with simple ways to access every system in the house. At the touch of a button, easily control your lighting, security, audio-video systems, heating/cooling, pools and spas...the possibilities are endless.

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Xtend Technologies' design and installation team is prepared to deliver a customized, practical solution for each commercial client. We can work in every environment ranging from board rooms and offices to restaurants, clinics, or places of worship and offer a wide array of products to help fit each client's requirements and budget.

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IT Solutions

Xtend Technologies provides the ultimate in commercial and residential IT Solutions. Whether at work or home, we all rely on fast and dependable Internet access, wireless networking and communications to be productive and entertained. Xtend Technologies will answer all of your IT questions and needs with expert system design, specification, installation, configuration and support.

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Xtend Technologies carries only the finest brands of audio-video equipment for you to enjoy. We emphasize maximizing performance and value, while providing years of expertise that can help you make the perfect choice. Our 6,500 square foot showroom is the ideal place to discover just the right equipment for you.

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Xtend Technologies offers a variety of furniture that will allow the customer to further enjoy their home theater and audio-video systems. We can supply everything from comfortable reclining home theater seats to equipment racks properly displaying your audio equipment. For nearly 15 years, we have provided customers with the answers they need to truly enjoy their home theater installations.

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Lighting control is a way to effortlessly control groups of lights throughout your home at the touch of a button from in-wall scene controllers, smart phones, tablets, and touch screens. At Xtend we find the perfect way it integrate lighting control into your home, weather it be one room or the whole house we can make controlling it all as simple as pressing a button.

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Home solutions aren't all about TVs, speakers, and lighting anymore. Controlling your shades adds the perfect touch to any home automation setup. Control your shades and set the movie mood without even getting up from your seat.

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It’s the ability to keep you and your family safe.

It’s confidence while you’re away from home.

It’s the gift of watching what truly matters: your child’s first steps, your dog’s anticipation of your arrival home, your surprise birthday party, all captured on HD or 4K cameras.

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Outdoor spaces can be an often-overlooked area for an AV system.  Easily add square footage to your entertaining space or give yourself a new place to relax by adding a professionally designed and installed outdoor AV system. Our experienced designers and installers can bring all the exciting sights and sounds you enjoy inside your home to your patio, deck, firepit, or any other outdoor space of your choice. Outdoor speakers help you enjoy music by the pool or on your patio, and an outdoor TV can let you enjoy the game or watch your favorite movie in bright, vivid color.

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